VHM Development d.o.o. designs and executes top-quality system building solutions, offering comfort, luxury and functionality to its customers - without compromise.


From concept design to realization itself, keeping in mind the smallest details, we create construction projects of the future. In collaboration with numerous trusted partners, we manage construction and development projects through expert consulting at all stages.


Emerald garden is the first in a series of residential buildings to start a completely different approach to the future of the design and construction of residential and commercial buildings that offer an innovative concept of modern living.


VHM Development d.o.o. has emerged from the shared business vision of VH-Montenegro, a Montenegrin leader in joinery production that has been involved in domestic and foreign projects for two decades, and Tehnounion, one of the most reliable companies for the engineering and procurement of renowned manufacturers in the field of industry, construction, and infrastructure. We are proud of our common step forward in the field of project management as well as the office and residential buildings construction that started with the implementation of the Emerald garden project. We find support for successful implementation in a team of experts with extensive experience in design, consulting, construction, real estate sales, and marketing, as evidenced by numerous successfully implemented projects from their portfolio, both domestically and internationally. With Emerald garden project, VHM Development d.o.o. strives to become a company that creates successful and sustainable construction solutions and secures a leadership position in special projects management in the field of consulting and development.


For the successful planning and implementation of each project, the most important elements are the individuals and companies behind it. That is why we carefully selected partners to work with on all our future projects. By choosing the best brands in our class of products, installation systems, and materials, as well as a team of experts that provides support at every step of the way, we build trust that creates new value for our clients. Company names such as Bemax, Entext, VH-Montenegro, La Galleria, Tehnomax, Vitreum, Ening, Arhinet, Rigips, NLB Bank and Builder Fox are just a few that stand out from our first joint venture project - Emerald garden. The joint mission of all those who are an integral part of the VHM Development Company background story is to make the end-users of our projects at the center of everything we do - for it is them for whom we create a new concept of luxury housing.