To make sure that all the installation systems and materials in the building are of the best quality, we carefully selected partners with whom we will collaborate, with the idea of giving our tenants extra value when choosing their new home. For this reason, the installed systems in our facilities are completely unique on the market of Montenegro and beyond.


By combining system solutions with long-term guarantees and using materials such as bricks, ceramics and renders with contact and ventilated surfaces, we got a unique facade that will provide security, weather protection, good thermal insulation and most importantly - a comfortable home for you and your family.


Our partner's engineering team, the VH-Montenegro company, has selected the highest quality and optimum aluminum facade locksmith solution using the premium system material from Reynaers, Belgium. Their interior joinery is known for its excellent sound insulation system and absolute protection and security.


For the convenience of our future residents, we have selected a premium oak multi-layer flooring designed to point out the structure and diversity of the natural flooring. By applying five coats of lacquer we have multiplied the durability of the top layer of parquet that guarantees its longer lifespan.


For the first time in the Montenegrin market, Emerald Garden residents will have the opportunity to experience a unique heating and cooling system in their apartments - the Samsung Wind-Free ™ multi-split air conditioning system.


When furnishing the bathroom, we made sure to select the highest quality ceramics and sanitary ware of renowned manufacturers that will guarantee you not only long service life but also an absolute comfort. The Italian quality of granite ceramics gives a special touch of elegance to each room it is built-in.