Emerald garden, Podgorica

Emerald garden

Its very name - Emerald garden speaks of the precious blend of nature and living space as a new imperative of contemporary housing.

Inspired by the vibrant landscape in colors of the emerald stream of the Moraca River, we have created a vision for your new home, a safe place of unparalleled comfort and sophisticated luxury that captures the life in the city surrounded by a true beauty of nature.

Emerald garden is more than just a residential building. Emerald Garden is an innovative concept of living infused with uncompromising comfort and the beauty of the river which flow outlines an elegant silhouette of a place you can proudly call your home.

Emerald garden. Imagine a river. Imagine a home.

Residential Complex, Przno

Living on the seashore gives you a unique feeling of being on vacation forever and the fact that our new complex exudes luxury will certainly be a step further in making your dream come true. Absolute privacy, unrivaled comfort, additional benefits for all future residents are just some of the reasons to be among the few who will become part of this Mediterranean oasis.


Residential Complex, Przno